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Engineering Systems Planning & Development

Engineering Systems Planning and Development Department (ESPD) otherwise known as The Engineering Department bites the larger portion of the pie that constitutes the Engineering functions at Domlec.

Unlike Transmission & Distribution who are charged with the responsibility of keeping the network on (energized), ESPD is responsible for making technological improvements to the network, keeping pace with increasing demands on the consumer end and the advancement in technology around us. The connotation “Consumer Demand” is not squarely related to load growth but also on the quality of service provided (Power Quality) to the consumer.

The Department is also charged with the overall protection of the said network, in other words ESPD is technologically the custodians of the network, responsible for safeguarding it against external and sometimes unpredictable faults on the outside.
In the Department there are Sections each responsible for different functions of engineering but collectively with the same goals and objectives on a departmental front, that fits into the overall objectives of the organization “Domlec”. The proceeding gives brief details of the functions within the Department.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Section is responsible for the protection and communication aspect of ESPD`s functions.
This Section employs two Technicians who are responsible for among other things, the installation and maintenance of protection equipment (Reclosers, Relays, Ring Main Units etc) connected to the network. This equipment protects the network upstream from faults downstream by isolating the areas where these faults occur from the rest of the system. Coordination(Ratings/Settings/Operational Timing or Operational Sequence) of protection equipment at the Power Stations Connectivity (remote communication) via computerized systems (Scada & Pegasys), between base stations and line equipment and VHF communication, are also other functions performed within the Technical Services Section.

Loss Reduction

The Loss Reduction Section is charged with reducing technical losses, an objective of paramount importance for Domlec, as the same impacts on the overall performance and eventual external regulation of the organization.
Losses are accrued via wasted energy (energy not accounted for or not meaningfully made use of) on inefficient, under-rated or over-rated equipment, as well as in the inadequacy of lines, which in both cases (equipment & line) are installed on the network.

An example related to lines would be a case where, — (a) lines that carry loads greater than their capacity (ampacity) will generally get hot and much energy (that could be used otherwise) is lost in heat that is not useful.
The section was mandated to run studies on the network, to determine where these losses are realized and to set up a program targeted at the reduction of said losses. The said studies have been done and a structured program is currently ongoing where various upgrades and new installations (of lines and energy compensatory line equipment), are done on both transmission and distribution components of the network, all geared towards reducing the level of losses.
The upkeep/upgrade of transformation systems and distribution is the responsibility of the Loss Reduction section as well.
The GIS/GPS Technicians, work together with the Loss Reduction Section and they are responsible for capturing GIS/GPS data on all structural changes made on the Network as well as the data capture and coding of all structures and equipment that are already installed. They are also charged with the responsibility of uploading all of the said data to data base and maps for computer generated mapping.

Design and Costing

The Draughting and Costing Section are responsible for draughting designs (Technical Drawings) for new (proposed) system upgrades (capital jobs) as well as the preparation of estimates for the same and estimates for consumer requested services – (suspense jobs) for connection to network. The section through contractual workers is also responsible for the execution of such suspense jobs and most of the capital jobs.

Special Projects

Finally, Special Projects is a section within the ESPD Department which is responsible for special projects. Among these projects are the installation of in-line switchgear and the ongoing underground projects in Roseau where overhead lines are being replaced with underground lines for improved reliability and esthetics. The work plans are normally are carried out by contractual workers and supported by departmental staff when necessary.