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Q: What are DOMLEC's hours of business?
A. Monday 7:45-4.00pm & Tuesday-Friday 7:45-3:00pm

Q: Where is the Customer Services Located?
A. Middle floor of our Head Office 18 Castle Street Roseau, Marigot and Portsmouth.

Q: What number(s) can I call for queries and other billing matters?

Q. What is required for when someone applies for a new service?

A. Proof of ownership, Identification and an Electrical fitness certificate.

Q. How long will it take DOMLEC to install a new service?
Seven days. DOMLEC's also performs a same day connection once payment is made before 12:00pm.

Q. Does someone have to be at the premises for the new service to be installed?
A. If the load side is in a yard that is enclosed by a fence or a gate, the answer is yes. If the yard is open then someone does not necessarily have to be at the premises.

Q. What is the cost for a new service which involves new poles and wiring?
If the distance exceeds 100 ft 50c must be paid for every foot of cable. Commercial customers must pay for the meter, every foot of cable and a security deposit is required based on the number of points specified on the fitness certificate.

Q. Does the full amount have to be paid before the work is done?


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Upload documents indicating permission to install services at this address.

Q. When do disconnections take place?
A. 21 days pass the due date on your electricity bill.

Q. What amount owed on my bill can lead to my service being disconnected?
$ 100.00 and over

Q. If my service is disconnected whom do I speak to at DOMLEC?
Please contact Mr. Blanchard on 255-6011 or Miss. Defoe on 255-6005

Q. Does DOMLEC offer a payment arrangement service if my bill is extremely high? If so what are the procedures?
Yes, you would need to come in to speak to Mr. Blanchard or Miss. Defoe (contact information indicated in previous question). Each case would be treated on its own merit and arrangements are also made for consumers that were billed recoveries.

Q. How soon can I be refunded my deposit?
Within 3 days of your application.

Q. If I make a payment to a wrong account how soon can the amount be reversed?
Immediately upon presentation of your receipt.

Q. If I have realized that I made a payment to a wrong account, will my service be disconnected?
No, providing the Company is informed prior to the disconnection date.

Q. Why when applying for service a security deposit is required?
A. In the event your bill is not settled and your service is disconnected DOMLEC can use the deposit to clear of the bill.

Q. How much is required for a security deposit?
Domestic customers the minimum is $125.00. Commercial customers the minimum is $250.00

Q. When is a security deposit refunded?
When your service has been disconnected and all outstanding balances are settled.

Q. Is interest paid on Security Deposits?

Q. Can someone apply for a Temporary Service?

Q. What is required to apply for temporary service?
A temporary Electrical Certificate, ID and proof of ownership.

Q. How long is a temporary service installed for?
For a period of 4 months which is the life span of a Temporary Certificate.

Q. How often should I receive an electricity bill?
Once a month.

Q. What should I do if my bill is high?
Conduct a query with the Enquiry Section at any of the Company’s offices.

Q. How much VAT do I pay on my bill?
15% of any consumption in excess of 100 units.

Q. Why does my bill show an additional fuel surcharge?
This calculates the fuel on any consumption in excess of 100 units.

Q. What is a fuel surcharge?
It is an average cost of the fuel. How it is derived at is the number of gallons of fuel used X cost of the average rate of the fuel ÷ total sales unit.

Q. Which extensions can I call to query my bill?
Specific contact numbers are located towards the center of the bill on the left. However, bill balances may be obtained from any of these extensions within DOMLEC;s offices >> 255 6008/6009/255 6060/255 6004/ 255 6023/255 6026/255 6011/255 6005/255 6014/ 255 6024 / 255 6017.

Q. Sometimes why is my bill estimated?
A. This is done in when the company was unable to obtain a reading from the meter on specific, scheduled reading dates due to a locked gate, bad dog, or any other condition which hinders meter accessibility.

Q. How can I know if my bill was estimated?
Towards the center of the electric bill is a gray bar. This bar provides information on the meter number, previous and current read dates, total days billed, previous and current reading, usage, units and most importantly the read status. The word “regular” under the heading “read status” indicates that the meter had been read. Anything else would mean that the current reading on the bill is possible an estimate.

Q. What information is needed to make an enquiry on my electricity account?
A. Preferably the customer number or account number on the electric bill. This speeds up the query. Alternatively, a meter number, and customer name will suffice.

Q. Where are the account number and customer number located on my bill?
Towards the upper and bottom right sections of the electric bill.

Q. On my bill I see there are line comments such as Domestic Block 1 charge and Domestic Block 2 charge. What exactly are these?

1. Calculations for the current balance: (For customers whose consumption is in excess of 100 units). The first three lines on the bill - Domestic Block 1, Domestic Block 2 & Fuel Surcharge – calculate the first 100 units VAT free.

2. The next two lines: Additional kWh and additional fuel – calculate the remaining units on which VAT will be applied.

3. The last line: VAT, of course calculates the tax applicable on units in excess of 100

Q. How often are meters read?
A. All meters are scheduled to be read once monthly.

Q. How do you access meters when they are indoors?
Arrangements would have to be made with customers to have the meter read, in which case contact numbers would be the key in this effort. Alternatively, the customer can record the reading off the meter and call the office with the reading.

Q. At what locations can I pay my bill?
Main office Roseau, National Bank branches, Bill Express, direct debit through First Caribbean and all the credit unions except the one located in Roseau.

Q. Can a payment be made by mail?
A. A cheque can be posted to the Company.

Q. Can a bill be paid by use of a debit card or credit card? If so can I also make a payment to my account ONLINE?
A. Yes you can make a payment using your debit or credit card at our offices. With regards to paying of bills online, that service is available with any of the local banks.

Q. Can payments be made after hours?
Not at DOMLEC offices. Payments can be made at Bill Express locations after hours.

Outage Definition: An outage is classified as an interruption in the continuous supply of electricity to an area or number of areas. An outage usually falls under three different categories:

  • Planned: This outage is prepared, checked and authorized and consumers are notified days in advance. This type of outage is required to install new equipment or for preventative maintenance.
  • Unplanned or Forced: This type of outage occurs without prior notice and usually occurs due to operation of protective devices such as relays and circuit breakers or fuses. These protective devices operate whenever a fault condition occurs on the circuit(s) they monitor.
  • Emergency: This type of outage is usually short noticed and arises when a part of the power system has to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to avert health and safety risks or to avert a lengthier outage.

A number of situations or conditions can cause outages. The most prevailing conditions experienced at Domlec are:

Lightning strikes to power lines.

Failure of generating equipment/ generation shortage

Birds and other wildlife bridging electrical conductors

Failure of high voltage switching equipment, insulators and other hardware

Transformer, cable and conductor failure

Downed electrical conductors arising out of damages to utility poles by vehicular accidents

Trees making contact with electrical conductors

Persons felling trees on electrical conductors

Domlec’s Outage policy stipulates that a planned outage is announced on the radio stations and if possible via the newspapers at least two days prior to the impending outage. Consumers can therefore prepare for the outage by turning off sensitive equipment. Planned outages are usually five (5) hours in duration however; unplanned or forced outages can be shorter or last longer depending on the nature or the reason for the outage.

As part of Domlec’s aim towards providing a reliable supply of electricity the company has a Vegetation Management Policy. The aim of this policy is to clear all high and low voltage lines of trees which may threaten the continuous supply of electricity. The policy seeks to achieve the clearing of all trees within 20 feet of the high voltage lines and 10 feet for the low voltage lines. Where it is not possible to achieve a minimum of the required distance the lines will either be redesigned or replaced/constructed with insulated wire. The procedure for line clearing is as follows:

Right of Way notice issued to property owner in person or a laminated copy posted in a conspicuous location. Notices must be posted 15 days in advance of the intended date of cutting such that any objection to the company’s intention will be received prior to the commencement of the cutting. There are two types of notices:

  • Notice of intention to cut
  • Notice of cutting done

In the event that a tree or branch is an immediate threat to the continuation of the supply, the tree or branch will be cleared immediately to restore the minimum clearance standard. The notice of cutting will then be delivered no later than two days after the cutting.

Crop Compensation

Pursuant to the company’s vegetation management policy the company may from time to time compensate persons for all crops and timbers cut/damaged by its employees and agents undertaking vegetation management activities. Compensation for all crops will be at the government approved rates.

Q. Will DOMLEC accept liability if my equipment was damaged by a surge?
A. It depends on the source of the surge. For example, Domlec shall not accept liability for surges caused by Acts of God or third parties.

Q. Should DOMLEC accept responsibility for equipment that has been damaged during bad weather conditions?
Bad weather is classified as an Act of God and therefore Domlec shall not accept liability. It is highly advisable that all equipment be unplugged from the wall during bad weather conditions.

Q. How long does it take to process claims for damaged equipment?
It depends on the nature of the damage and the availability of spare parts. For high value items, these claims are referred to our insurer, who takes responsibility for investigation and settlement.

Q. What is the best way to protect my equipment against damage done by a surge?
Have a qualified Technician check your equipment to determine the appropriate surge protector. For sensitive equipment such as computers and most modern electronic equipment, a UPS is recommended.

Q. What is the minimum amount that can be paid on my bill to avoid disconnection?

A. The balance should not be less than $99.00.

Q. How can a service be terminated and what are the procedures involved?

A. A valid reason is needed for the disconnection and along with that ID is needed such as passport, drivers’ license, Social Security card etc.

Q. How much notice must be given before I terminate my service?

A. At least 7 days.

Q. What is the maximum amount of time can the service be off?

A. 5 ½ months

Q. How can I get a street light and what is the cost?

A. An application form must be filled out at the Main office. A request of inspection is then sent out and if a pole is already present then all that is needed is the street light. A deposit of E.C $75.00 is needed for the street light and the installation cost for the street light is E.C $145.44. If there is no pole, then one will have to be planted and erected. An estimation will done for costing for the pole and other related items needed for installation of that pole.

Q. Where can I buy power?

A. At DOMLEC's Main Office, The Portsmouth office and at other locations which are indicated under the PAY-AS-U-GO link on this website..

Q. How much power can I buy?

A. As much as you like. The ability to actively manage your account is one of the advantages of PAY-AS-U-GO.

Q. Is PAY-AS-U-GO more expensive than what I pay now?

A. No, the unit price is the same for both prepaid power and post paid accounts.

Q. What happens if I run out of power when DOMLEC is closed?

A. You can buy power at any vendor around the island.

Q. What if Iose my METER ID CARD and require a replacement?

A. Come to the inquiries desk at the main office Roseau to place your request. A EC $10.00 replacement fee is charged.

Q. What if I lose my receipt and token?

A. You can call 2556038 and follow the prompts.

Q. Can someone else use my token on their meter?

A. NO! It only works on your meter.

Q. IF I move house, can I get a refund on unused power?

A. When you move, let us know about any remaining units and we'll transfer them to your meter.

Q. If my unit starts beeping what is the cause?

A. If unit on the keypad reaches the 30 unit mark or less, the device will start to beep. It is an indication that your power needs to be replenished.

Q. How do I stop the stop the beeping sound?

A. Press any key on the keypad.

Q. If my token is not being accepted/or my keypad went blank what do I do?

A. Call our Main Office on either of these numbers: 2556008/2556009/2556024/2556014 for a technician to come on site to reset the meter.

After hours please call 2556003

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