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If you have recently built a house and wish to have electricity connected, there are a few steps you must follow. Applications for both domestic and commercial use follow the same process. If you would like to speed up the connection process it is best to have all your necessary requirements in order to have a speedy connection. It is advisable that all applications are in early in order to have the service at your residence/business at the desired date. Customers can obtain application forms at our office or, select from the list which type of connection you require.


After your electrician has installed the temporary box, you should then submit an application form for testing at the Electrical Division. When the supply is tested, approved and all testing fees are paid; an Electrical Fitness Certificate is then issued. The certificate along with valid photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport or social security card and proof of ownership is then taken to DOMLEC.

In cases where the customer is not able to obtain a certificate of title but has been residing on the portion of land for a number of years, a letter of approval from the Housing Division is acceptable,


A security deposit equivalent to EC$ 200.00 for domestic and EC$300.00 for commercial is need. Commercial customers are also charged EC$0.50 per foot of cable and are required to bring the Kwh of the appliances to be used.


If the customer has a temporary supply and the house is no longer under construction, a permanent Electrical Certificate is the only requirement to have the supply transferred from the temporary board to the house.

After the application form is completed and signed, it is sent to the new service section to be inspected. When the inspection is completed and the customer is not required to plant or purchase pole/poles etc, they will be called to make the payment. In most cases the connection is carried out within 7 working days.