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Check out these Energy and Safety tips to help you save money and stay safe at the same time.

  • TIP #1
    Always dry hands before turning on or off any electrical circuit
  • TIP #2
    It is not wise to turn off your freezer to save electricity because turning it back on uses more electricity. Also this may cause your food to spoil.
  • TIP #3
    Do not plug too many appliances on the same outlet, this may cause an overload.
  • TIP #4
    Do not use ordinary wires instead of fuses. This may cause fire.
  • TIP #5
    Do not allow your appliance to get dusty, this can cause the appliance to malfunction. Have your appliance properly serviced by a professional.
  • TIP #6
    Never take lead from your neighbours; wires may get tangled and can interfere with the power. Also you can be charged for illegal distribution of electricity.
  • TIP #7
    Do not clean appliances while they are still plugged into the wall.
  • TIP #8
    Teach children to respect electricity at all times.
  • TIP #9
    Never put off an electrical appliance by pulling the plug.
  • TIP #10
    Lightning is the biggest danger to electrical appliances. When a storm is approaching, unplug your sensitive appliances such as computers, hi-fi, etc. Turning the outlet switch off is not enough.
  • TIP #11
    Do not allow your children to play around electrical wire on poles or near power lines. This is very dangerous and can cause serious electrical fire.
  • TIP #12
    Always dry hands before turning on or off any electrical circuit

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