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Capacity Management – Friday 20th October 2023

Date: Friday 20th October 2023

Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Area(s) Affected: Laudat, Grand Fond, Riviere Cyrique, Morne Jaune, Case O’ Gowrie, Laplaine, Laronde, Boetica, Delices, Pointe Mulatre, Morpo, Dix Pas, Tranto, Good Hope, San Sauveur, Petite Soufriere, Fond Bleu, Rosalie, Grand Fond, Rosalie, Castle Bruce, Castle Bruce Stretch, Belle Fille, Fond Melle, Pond Case, Richmond, Madjini, Mahaut River, Sineku, Mahaut River, Gaulette River, Sim Sim, Salybia, Crayfish River, St. Cyr, Bataka, Concord, Atkinson, Entwistle, Pagua & North End.

Reason: To allow DOMLEC to manage the available capacity.

Please note that the areas and times listed above may be subjected to changes. DOMLEC regrets any inconvenience caused.

The event is finished.